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About us

Wilfast acts as asset manager and investment partner on the Nordic real estate market. We work with rental services, property management and property development. Our clients and partners are real estate owners in Sweden and Europe, real estate funds in Sweden and Europe and listed real estate companies. We mainly work with commercial properties focusing on warehouses, logistic, industrial and retail estates. At present we manage around 1 200 000 m2. Most often Wilfast is involved in all parts of the value chain including acquisition, financing, administration, controlling, accounting, developing the real estates and also to be part of the sales process.

Our office is located in Göteborg and Wilfast is known for excellent service and quick decisions due to the effective and nimble organisation. We really strive for and do our utmost to adapt and customise the properties to the tenants’ wishes. In close cooperation with our existing clients we develop the properties and we also warmly welcome new tenants to our buildings. To manage all different needs we meet, we have a great network of keen and sensitive architects.
Would you mind contacting us? We would be very glad if you did and we can promise that you won’t regret it!